Welcome to CivilAction.org

CivilAction is looking for people that would be interested in making this a full-fledged charity e.g. we're in need of a treasurer and a secretary in order to be established as a 501(c)(3). This isn't a paying gig and may or may not be any time soon. If interested please read our original intent below and respond accordingly if you share the same ethos and are interested in being part of a charity from its very inception.

*NEW* CivilAction is hosting a fundraiser for a family in Syria in dire need of your support.

Please click here for more info and to donate.

Please feel free to share this fundraiser with as many people and on as many networks as you can.

The purpose of Civil Action as a charitable organization is to perform the role of watchdog, advocate and researcher in service of humanity with a focus on charity and independent research and investigative reporting.

CivilAction is just beginning to form with development in its very early stage. The goal is to be a charity with a direct and clear mission of watching out for injustices within our world and our communities, to make sure that justice is being perpetuated for all mankind and that forces of oppression may be brought to light and ultimately diminished.

CivilAction will be an outlet, light and beacon for liberty, freedom and freespeech. CivilAction will be a 501(c)(3) corp depending on the good will of ordinary citizens and will never apply compromise to its ultimate mission of truth seeking.

We are our sisters and brothers keeper and we must be if we truly desire change for the better

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